The initial visit to this office includes a thorough medical history and exam, as well as the appropriate treatment for your condition, often combining acupuncture stimulation with Tuina physiotherapy, herbal and nutrient medicine, and therapeutic instruction. Time spent in the initial visit allows the physician to become thoroughly acquainted with both the individual and the unique facts of the health problems. For this reason, this initial visit generally takes about 2 hours. Since TCM is a holistic medicine, we must consider all of the contributing factors to arrive at a sound diagnosis and treat all of the factors that play a part in the origin and perpetuation of the condition, the root and branch of the disease or chronic injury. The exception to this rule occurs when the new patient is relatively healthy, but seeking a treatment of maintenance or a preventive medical protocol, especially with the Tui Na physiotherapy, nutrient and herbal medicine, or when an acute injury is treatable with a simple course of therapy. Paperwork and insurance matters often are more complicated than we would like these days, and may take some time to explain and complete paperwork for your file. For these reasons the initial visit is not rushed.

For the diagnosis, it is best to bring any documents from prior physicians, especially radiology reports, laboratory analysis, and specialist reports. It is always best for the patient to fully understand their diagnosis, so that their health care can be managed optimally. A list of medications being used is also helpful.

After becoming acquainted with the aspects of your individual problem through interview and exam, treatment may consist of not only acupuncture stimulation, but also direct physiotherapy, called Tui Na. In addition, topical herbs and prescription of oral herbal medications and nutritional supplements may be needed to increase effectiveness, but are always patient choices. Instruction in targeted stretch, excercise, and dietary protocols, as well as energetic and stress reduction techniques, are also available. Patients who spend the time and take a proactive approach to their health problems achieve the best results. TCM integrates well with standard medicine and the treatment of your medical doctors.

Since each patient is an individual, with a unique health problem or set of problems, the effective course of treatment could be one or many, as needed. To minimize the need for prolonged treatment, a proactive approach and work by the patient to improve the outcome outside of treatment is recommended. I will help to instruct in neuromuscular reeducation techniques, targeted stretch and exercise, dietary changes, and correction of postural mechanics as needed. Utilizing your physicians correctly and taking an active role in treatment insures that the best outcome is achieved with the least expense and time.