Please call the physician directly to schedule appointments at (415) 601-1323. 

Generally, each patient is treated one at a time with much time and care spent to insure a thorough outcome. The initial appointment may take up to two hours, depending on the complexity of the history and exam, which needs to be comprehensive in holistic approaches. If acupuncture is utilized without other manual physiotherapy, you may work out a schedule of quick and inexpensive multiple treatments within the week at a reduced charge. A course of needling with more frequent repeat treatments is much more effective. If herbal and supplement prescription is utilized without acupuncture or tuina, you may pay for the periodic consult and utilize this type of therapy for a very low cost. Please avoid changing or canceling appointments unnecessarily, as this often hurts not only the physician’s schedule but that of other patients also. A charge for late change or cancellation may be applied if insufficient notice is given.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Claims

Sometimes the appointments must adhere to the recommendations of another primary treating physician in workers’ compensation cases, or in personal injury. Often, formal approval of the treatment schedule must be confirmed with the claims administrator handling your case. This office will answer your questions and help you with this process. Sometimes a lien must be signed and a copy given to your lawyer if payment is tied up in legal proceedings.

Payment and Insurance

Insurance coverage is often complicated and benefits are not certain until the company reviews the treatments and provides payment and explanation. This may take up to two months, or rarely, if questions, even longer. If insurance payment is not received in a reasonable time period, for any reason, the patient must reimburse this physician directly, and pursue any dispute and eventual recompense directly with their insurance company. Fortunately, this physician is contracted with a wide variety of common medical provider networks, including Cigna, BeechStreet, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, United HealthCare, GreatWest, Clarispoint, MultiPlan, AcuCare, etc. To learn whether your treatment will be covered, you must call the customer service number on your card and ask if you have coverage for acupuncture services, whether this physician is a member of the network or whether you have out-of-network coverage. In addition, your inquiry should address issues of deductibles, limitations of coverage, and whether acupuncture is limited to specific conditions that are evidence-based.