When there is an auto accident, or any personal injury that is covered under an insurance plan, or incurs a future liability, you may bring the information from your auto insurance company, or the at-fault driver's company, and start treatment without payment. A lien of payment must be signed, in case there is a problem with payment that must be litigated, in which case, a copy of the lien should be sent to a lawyer to insure that payment for the therapy is made when a settlement is reached. In California, any driver is covered with a Med-Pay law, which insists that the acupuncture care (designated as a primary care physician) is covered up until the Med-Pay amount is depleted. It is best for each patient to check on the Med-Pay coverage on their auto insurance and make sure that this amount is sufficient ($5000 is the minimum allowed). Make sure also that you do not sign a modified Med-Pay agreement ever. This is the way that the state of California legally insists that your initial care is not delayed.

As a victim of the unfortunate practices of the insurance industry in vehicle coverage, I highly recommend that patients consider increasing their Med-Pay limits, as well as their underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in their vehicle policies. These changes are usually inexpensive and will insure that your initial medical bills are fully covered despite the lack of sufficient medical coverage of the plans of the drivers at fault that injure you. At present, the state of California has adopted a shared liability of fault policy enacted under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This type of law insures that the process of determining legal fault is overly complex and may go on for some time after an accident, impacting the medical treatment planning. Increasing the Med-Pay limits and underinsured coverage on your plan may help ease this problem. Urging Governor Jerry Brown to adopt a no-fault insurance law may also help victims of vehicular trauma to obtain quick and effective treatment and recovery. These issues are complicated, but public attention may help to achieve the best programs to aid the unfortunate victims of auto accidents.