Chiropractry is a medical practice that integrates very well with acupuncture and TCM. My practice utilizes the various physiotherapies of TCM, including Tui Na, or soft tissue mobilization, as well as myofascial release, neuromuscular reeducation, active release techniques, and patient instruction in body mechanics (ergonomics) and targeted stretch and exercise. Often, patients will receive both the various treatments offered by specific chiropractors, such as chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, Inter-X trigger point defeat, deep tissue therapies, etc., and combine this array of therapies with those that I offer. The combination of myofascial release and mobilization, along with trigger point needling and standard acupuncture, integrates well with these chiropractic therapies. Often, when the muscle, or myofascial, release is accomplished, the chiropractic manipulation is easier for the patient, and the doctor is able to accomplish more in the therapy. Likewise, when professional herbal and nutrient medicine is utilized, metabolic progress is made that may improve tissue health so that the chiropractic treatment progresses faster.

While most patients are still looking to compare and decide between various treatment modalities, choosing either standard M.D. practice or TCM and acupuncture, or choosing between chiropractic therapy and TCM, the thoughtful patient is starting to realize that in many cases, integrating these specialties will accomplish more quicker, and thus save both time and money when achieving health goals.

I have worked with Dr. Patrick Cheng in South San Francisco for many years, and have received much treatment from him, as well as feedback from the many patients that we both treat. His skill is excellent, and his knowledge of medicine is unsurpassed in musculoskeletal injuries, especially sport injuries, occupational injuries, and motor vehicle accident injuries. His skill in report writing and case management are also highly rated, and his chiropracic certification is at the top in his profession. He is a Qualified Medical Examiner, and thus offers skill and experience with standard med-legal matters. A link to his reviews and website are located below.

I have also worked for many years with Dr. Susan Oyakawa at my San Francisco office, and received treatment over the years from her, as well as heard feedback from the many patients that utilize both our specialties. Susan is highly rated and the comprehensive care that she provides, with nutritional analysis, patient instruction, and soft tissue therapies is much appreciated by her patients. She has a gentle touch and provides excellent health maintenance, taking the time to communicate well with each individual.

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