Medical Doctors have long referred patients to my care in an integrative manner, especially in Workers' Compensation and personal injury cases. While there has generally been an unhealthy model of interaction between these professions, integration with TCM is becoming a subject that is now often demanded by patients, and many medical doctors have seen the benefits of improved patient outcomes by incorporating my treatments under their supervision and case management.

Their is no actual competition between the medical practices of the M.D. and the TCM physician, or Licensed Acupuncturist, as the medical services offered are completely different and both are needed by patients. Nevertheless, there has been a long history of professional bias and misinformation. The License of Acupuncture in the state of California is obtained after graduation from an approved medical college, where both modern medicine, and the rich specialty of TCM, are taught. The teachers are generally medical doctors, many with specialties involving TCM. Slowly, the M.D.s in the bay area and across the United States are realizing that a highly educated group of physicians are available to provide time intensive care and patient instruction that the busy M.D. does not have time to deliver. The treatment modalities under the scope of practice of Acupuncture are varied, and the M.D. realizes that utilization of these skills create a better outcome for the patient and better patient satisfaction.

Below are links to some of the Medical Doctors in the area that I am familiar with and can honestly recommend highly.

Links to other medical providers

  1. A Foster City Medical Group that provides M.D. specialties with hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism and fatique syndromes that utilizes an integrative approach with Complementary Medicine:
  2. A general practitioner with a specialty in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, or autoimmune, disorders, who handles cases with much care and expertise, and integrates an array of therapies with her practice, Dr. Tracey Robinson MD comes highly recommended by her patients:
  3. A pain management specialist who shows much care and individualized concern, Dr. Jules P. Steimnitz M.D., is able to handle chronic pain with an approach that considers quality of life and integrates with other specialties. For patients with chronic pain syndromes and disability, which are difficult to recover from, this is very important: P. Steimnitz, M.D.